Facts to be Aware of:Regarding the Applications for Foreigner's Employment Approval Certificate & Foreigner's Employment Permit

Wednesday, 10 April 2013 11:20

As the population of foreigners has been kept growing over the years in Shanghai due to the trend which there is more and more foreign companies, therefore, foreigners must apply for Foreigner’s Employment Approval Certificate (“FEAC”) and Foreigner’s Employment Permit (“FEP”) if are willing to stay in Shanghai for work in a long term. Below are the facts we think that all are needed to be aware of when going for such applications, according to our experience over the years.


  • Procedures for Applying FEAC and FEP

1. Applying for FEAC

2. Handle the Notification of Visa Approval

3. Applicant Applies for Work Visa after receiving the Notification of Visa Approval in oversea

4. Body Checkup and handle the Health Certificate

5. Applying for FEP


  • The company which the foreign applicant works for must has already obtained Business License and Organization Code Certificate


  • Foreigners which are employed as senior managers or technicians hold relevant technical certificates


  • Foreigners who are employed as Legal Representative of Chief Representative can directly handle the FEP with any visa they hold onto. (Both can be handled all together at the same time)


  • Applicant’s education certificates (corresponding to its job) needs to be provided when during FEAC application, according to our experience, the applicant must holds at least a formal university degree, since he is on a senior management position.


  • Relevant evidence of applicant’s qualification needs to be provided when during FEAC (Such Evidence means the certificate for its qualification and technique which provided by relevant organization, if not, the evidence which can prove that “its previous job is corresponding with the current job” must be provide as well (by the applicant’s previous employers).


  • Applicant’s resume is also requested when during application of FEP, which starts from its 18 years old till today

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