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Marketing and research department of Shanghai Dongjin is specialized in assisting clients in entering Chinese market and focused on deep market research of one industry and giving suggestions on market strategy . Our large databases for the various industries, as well as wide network connections and relations with local government strengthen our search approaches., Our experts in market research will make integrity analysis and make the report after professional investigation. Our services cover most of the provinces and main cities in the Mainland China.

With our deep understanding of local market and ability to analyze the trend development for the next 3-5 years, many international clients would seek for our service.




Industry Market Research


Environmental Scan & Market Analysis


Market Overview

  • Establish historical market performance in terms of size and segmentation, growth (product life cycle)
  • Determine market & technology trends such as: Growth drivers, technology or product substitution and existing regulations and imminent industry deregulation
  • Analyze evolution of market, evolution of the standard
  • Identification of national standard
  • Standard development
  • Casualty number by shock within recent 3 years

Market Size

  •  Identify market size (Value – $ and units)
  •  Segmented by residential, commercial, industrial
  •  Segmented by pricing or positioning, high end mid or low end?
  •  Segmented by channel, wholesale, retail, contractors and chain stores
  •  Segmented by areas, East China, North, South and West area?
  •  Segmented by major industry types.

Market forecasting

  • Project yearly volume and value of segmented sales within recent 3 years
  • Value forecasts for each sub-segment
  • Identify and analyze future trends effecting each segment

Distribution analysis


  • Analysis of distribution channel
  • Description of main supply chain routes
  • Type of intermediaries involved (agents, importers, distributors etc.)
  • Evolution of the supply chain

            - new entrants: manufacturers, distributors, etc

            -trends towards a concentration (vertical or horizontal Integration) or fragmentation of the supply chain

  • Margin analysis 
  • What distribution channels are being used by selected competitors? Which are the most important channels?
  • Identify important chain agency (agencies , market)
  • Pricing structure of current products, detail pricing of each products

Competitive Analysis

  • Identify factual information of targeted manufacture
  • List of manufacturers, total sales of which exceeds 80% in China
      • Plant Location, employee number,
      • Annual output
      • Product positioning
      • Product cost structure
      • Pricing strategy
      • Historic sales performance / market share
      • Ownership structure
  • JV/foreign/investment/domestic/imported
      • Sales Organization
      • Strengths and weakness
      • What is the geographic expansion or future plan?
      • Import and export rate

Technology Analysis

  • Analysis of technology trend among industry in China
  • Analysis of technology licensing or patent
  • Current patents protection in China

Strategic Action Plan

  • Define & Recommend Preferred Strategic Actions
    • Identify the most attractive geographic industry markets
    • Identify the most attractive product segments
    • Identify the most attractive customer segments
  • Key competitor threat analysis
  • Opportunity analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Gap  Analysis
  • Geographic & sector opportunity analysis
  • Evaluation of options
  • Recommendations on best approaches to Chinese Market


Target Companies Search


  • OEM Companies Search
  • Site Selection
  • M&A Target Companies Search
  •  Dealers Search
  •  Partners Search
  • Suppliers Search
  • Potential Companies Search

The Procedure in Target Company Search







Choosing qualified manufacturers from vast databases





Business negotiation


  • Company Investigation
  • Arrange meeting with qualified manufacturers and visit them
  • Arrange a lawyer for the client in assisting to negotiate with qualified manufacturers
  • Draft and edit the contract together with the client




Investigation of Target Companies



  • Basic Information
    • Basic registration information
    • Shareholders
    • Business scale
    • Public records of rewards and punishments
    • Company history
  • Enterprise management
    • Organization
    • CV of main leaders
  • Financial position (balance sheet, profit and loss statement)
  • Business status
    • Scale of operation
    • Production equipment
    • Raw material procurement
    • Product sales
    • Competitors
  • Affiliated company
    • Deep Investigation of Target Companies
    • Production Research of Competitors
    • Distribution Research of Competitors
    • Channel Research of Competitors
    • Marketing Strategy & Promotion of Competitors
    • New Product Development of Competitors
    • Production Cost & Supervision Cost Research) of Competitors
    • Logistics & Storage Research of Competitors
    • Purchasing Research of Competitors
    • Salary Research of Competitors
    • After-service Research of Competitors
    • Development Plan of Competitors
    • Financial Analysis of Competitors


Research Method




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