Foreign-invested Manufacture Company

Friday, 27 July 2012 11:21

Proposed Company Name (must be approved)

`Trade name` + `Product Name` + `Shanghai` + `Co., Ltd`


Proposed Business Scope (depend on the final approval of the authority)

Design, production, processing, sales of self-produced products, technical consultation and after-sales service, relevant distribution service etc.


Type of establishment

Establishment type for foreign invested manufacture company can be the following: WOFE, JV or Cooperative Venture (Based on the product type it can be restricted to Joint Ventures or Cooperative Ventures, foreign investor’s share might be also defined)


Business Term

Thirty years to fifty years. For the term extension, the company needs to apply to the original approval authority six months before the term expiration.



Registered Capital

 Registered Capital is the amount of funds that the Chinese government requires of requirements for the minimum amount of registered capital to start a business. Registered Capital must be of an amount greater than the minimum requirement of the China Company Law. The Registered Capital can only come from the foreign investors, and must be actually paid into the company bank account then verified by an independent certified accounting agency in China. The amount of registered capital can be increased but official procedures will be required.

As stipulated in China's Corporate Law, minimum registered capital for limited liability corporations is based on the nature of the industry.

Generally suggested registered capital for manufacturing industries is not less than USD 150,000


Registered Address

 Industrial land or plant, with the ownership certificate and the clear property rights; please note that if the owner is the foreign individual or company, it normally cannot be registered, unless the ownership (company) has such business scope as the lease of the real estate.



Environment evaluation

  • The environment evaluation covers the evaluation on whether the exhausted water, the exhausted gas, the residue and the noise is in compliance with its standard through the test on the index of oxygen rate, PH value and so on.
  • It is required to provide the detailed information on process flow and environment protection equipment of the proposed enterprise as the key point of the evaluation.
  • As the trend of the requirement on energy saving and emission reduction, it is required for the proposed enterprise to include their measures to save the energy and reduce the emission in the feasibility study report



VATthe general taxpayer):17%


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