Foreign-invested Trading Company (Wholesaling)

Friday, 27 July 2012 11:13

Proposed Company Name(to be approved)

 `Trade name` + `Product Name` + `Shanghai` + `Co., Ltd`to be approved  


Proposed Business Scope (depend on final approval of the authority)

Import and export, commission agent (except for auction), wholesale of ***(products name), and provision of related ancillary services.


Remarks: The following twenty three kinds of the special products will be subject to the special license and the prior approval as Iron and steel, precious metal, iron ore, fuel oil, natural rubber, books and magazines, newspapers, journals, refined oil, drugs, automobiles, pesticides, agricultural films, salt, tobacco, chemical fertilizer, grain, vegetable oil, sugar, cotton, audio-visual products, original oil and alumina


(Note: the larger of the registered capital of the trading WOFE, the more products allowed to be listed in the business scope.)


Business Term

Generally the business term of the company should not be longer than 30 years from the date of issue of the first business license.


Registered Capital and Total Investment

Total investment is essentially the amount of money that the company needs to be able to operate. “Registered capital” refers to the portion of the total investment that the investor needs to inject. There are mandatory ratios between total investment and the registered capital which vary according to the amount of the total investment. For example, the total investment is less than US$3,000,000. If so, the registered capital of the Company must be at least 70% of the amount of the total investment. The new company is allowed to borrow foreign loan from investor within the amount of the difference of total investment and registered capital. Of course, the amount of the total investment can be the same as that of the registered capital.


Contribution Term

  If the investor is a foreign company, 20% (no less than 100,000RMB) of the registered capital shall be paid within three (3) months after the date on which the company is issued its business license (the “Establishment Date”), with the remainder to be paid in within two (2) years after the Establishment Date.


Registered Address

  • An ordinary office with real estate certificate (no less than 30 sqm.)
  • Ordinary offices, with the ownership certificate and the clear property rights, the way of the property using mentioned on the ownership certificate should be “the non-residential purpose as the office, business, and comprehensive, industrial”. Please note that if the owner is the foreign individual or company, it normally cannot be registered, unless the ownership (company) has such business scope as the lease of the real estate.



  1. Company income tax25
  2. VAT17%




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