Foreign-invested Logistic Company

Friday, 27 July 2012 10:27

Proposed Company Name (must be approved)

  •        ***Logistics (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
  •       *** International Freight Forwarding (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
  •      *** Warehouse (Shanghai) Co.Ltd.


Proposed Business Scope (depend on the final approval of the authority)


1. Bookingcharter, charter flights, shipping, warehouse, packaging

2. Cargo loading, unload, allotment, transshipment, transfer and short-distance transported service

3. Custom agent, inspection, commodity inspection, insurance

4. Version of related documents, delivery of freight fee, settle of a bill and delivery of incidental costs

5. International exhibits, private belongings and transit cargo agent

6. International multimodal transport, grouping (LCL container)

7. International delivery Excluding private letters and military organs above the county level document delivery business

8. Consulting and other international freight agent service



Business Term

  •        Generally the business term of the company operation is 20 years from the issue date of the first business license.


Registered Capital

  •  Amount of registered capital and conditions of contribution for foreign invested logistic company will vary according to operational scope of the company establishment. For instance, for establishment of international foreign invested freight forwarding company registered capital should be at least 5,000,000 RMB. We suggest bigger investments to consider a branch opening, than registered capital required to be more than 5,000,000 RMB, which leads for permission reapplying to increase capital. 
  •    For foreign invested non-vessel shipping enterprises (NVOCC) within registered capital, we recommend to consider required bank deposit in the amount of 800,000 RMB.
  •     The amount of registered capital can be increased but official procedures will be required. Registered Capital must be no less than 70% of the Total Investment Quota; however, the ratio may be decreased when the amount of Registered Capital exceeds US$ 3 million. If total investment amount defines between US$3 million – 10 million, it is required to contribute at least 1/2 of registered capital (not less than US$2.1 million)


Registered Address

  •      For international foreign invested freight forwarding company and NVOCC ordinary commercial office with real estate certificate.
  •      For Warehouse: Commercial office and warehouse with 1000at least (net space, for public-use)


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