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Thursday, 26 July 2012 13:49

There are 2 types of F&B establishment: first, it can be established as F&B Management Company with F&B store as a branch ( it usually best decision for big scope like chain business scope ). Second, it can be established as direct F&B store (benefits for those investors who are not planning develop chain)


Proposed Company Name (must be approved)

  •  *** Food & Beverage (Shanghai) Co. Ltd
  •  *** Food & Beverage Management (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.


Proposed Business Scope (depend on the final approval of the authority)

    Western-style foodChinese- style food Food & Beverage management etc.


Fire Control: It is usually responsibility of contractor which decorates the space. It can start to operate only after fire control inspection.  


Foreign invested F&B Enterprise should obtain “Hygiene permit for public places” and  F&B service certificate


If F&B Enterprise also sells products it should obtain “Food circulation certificate” or “Alcohol/wholesale certificate”


Business Term

  • It is generally 30 years business term for Foreign invested Food & Beverage Company to operate from the date the first business license has been issued.


Registered Capital

  •     Registered Capital is the amount of funds that the Chinese government requires of foreign investors to contribute to their projects in China. The registered capital may be used to be the costs of launching your business, including to paying wage, rental and buying materials etc.
  • The Chinese government sets requirements for the minimum amount of registered capital to start a business. Registered Capital must be of an amount greater than the minimum requirement of the China Company Law. The Registered Capital can only come from the foreign investors, and must be actually paid into the company bank account then verified by an independent certified accounting agency in China. The amount of registered capital can be increased but official procedures will be required.
  •    According to former experience we would suggest minimum registered capital to establish Food & Beverage WOFE: USD 100,000 in Shanghai


Registered Address

  •     For F&B Management Company:  Can be registered in ordinary office
  •       For F&B store (bar, restaurant etc.):  Should be registered in commercial space which meets requirements for commercial planning. If it is construction of new F&B store close to residential area then it also needs an agreement of District Committee.

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