"CHINA DESK" Service

Thursday, 26 July 2012 13:00

What is “CHINA DESK” Service?

1.         New services model for Foreign SMEs to explore Chinese market

2.         We will recruit new staff according to your special requirement as our staff, but the staff would only follow your work instruction and report to you directly

3.         We would offer all the office facilities, and provide related service

4.         Realize the main function of Representative Office with more flexibility and lower cost


What will you do?

1.         Foreign enterprise enters into the service agreement with our company

2.         Foreign enterprise could appoint or engage us to find out  a suitable Chinese staff

3.         Pay the following fees:

(1)             Salary of the appointed staff;

(2)             Individual income tax, social insurance, and

(3)             Management fee and service fee to our company.


What will you get?

1.         Explore your business with your appointed staff in China without any Representative Office or legal entity

2.         The appointed staff is legally hired, and the salary and social insurance paid according to local Labor Law and regulations

3.         Arrange foreigner for business visits to China and deal with the related VISA

4.         Related market & company research, investment and tax advice

5.         Translation service

6.         Market research and promotion in China

7.         Providing after-sale services to productions or technique sold by foreign HQ to Chinese market 

8.         Purchasing and sourcing in China     

9.         Understanding and establishing the business networking in China

10.     Understanding and establishing the channels with related authorities


Main Advantages for China Desk

1.         Realizing main business functions as a Representative Office.

2.         Cost-saving

3.         To be set up in a very short time with a service agreement

4.         Easy to convert to Rep. Office or FIE

5.         Low risk


China Desk vs. Rep. Office



China Desk

Rep. Office


No expense to registration, rent office, bookkeeping, annual auditing fee. No 10% tax to all your expenses for Rep. Office.

Excluding the cost of staff salary, the total cost to maintain a Rep. Office in China is at least RMB200,000 per year.


Setting up of a China Desk only needs to sign a consulting service agreement with us, the service could start or stop at any timewhich is easier and flexible.

Rep. Offices need to register for opening and closing at local dept. which will cost at least RMB60,000 in total.


Using “China Desk” service, our company will hire your appointed staff. No employment risk for you.

All the risk and responsibilities for the Rep. Office staffs will be undertaken by your company.


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