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Wednesday, 18 July 2012 18:07

Dongjin Consulting assist clients in addressing complex auditing, accounting and tax issues, providing full financial support for foreign invested enterprises. It brings together strong combination of tax and legal knowledge delivering comprehensive and practical approach. Our experts identify planning opportunities to achieve cost efficiencies. We assist with complex accounting and reporting issues, including:

  • Bookkeeping: preparing the accounting documentations
  • Initialization and customization of accounting software
  • Preparing financial reports: monthly carrying forward and closing accounts, preparing balance sheet and profit and loss statement
  • Accounting record management: binding of original accounting documents, general ledgers, subsidiary ledgers and approved financial reports
  • Audit and capital verification
  • Annual inspections of foreign-invested companies
  • Applications for financial subsidies

Dongjin Consulting offers foreign investors a broad range of fully integrated tax services: 

  • Registration of normal VAT payers’ status, tax certifications and annual inspection of normal VAT payers
  • Purchase of various types of invoices
  • Calculation of circulation taxes (VAT and business tax) and their additional fees
  • Annual report of settlement of income tax
  • Calculation of the income tax 
  • Management of payment of taxes, fines, supplemental payments; applications for tax exemptions, deferrals of tax payment, tax exemptions or incentives for exports; payment of stamp duties
  • Calculation of vehicle and vessel tax and real estate tax
  • Review of tax payment situation, assessment of applicable tax, tax payment; annual audit, audit of specific items and audit of accounts
  • Applications for tax exemptions for representative offices, tax payment
  • Individual income tax registration for foreign employees of representative offices, determination of applicable tax and tax payment

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